Nov 10, 2019

Flipping Through *Ladies of Nature*

Grayscale coloring book  Ladies of Nature  by Alena Lazareva​ Available on Amazon US, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan, Canada. PDF available on Etsy Shop.

❤️Paperback Includes TWO full sets of the 23 amazing GRAYSCALE illustrations.

🇺🇸Available on Amazon. com:

-🇬🇧Amazon UK

-🇩🇪Amazon DE

-🇫🇷Amazon FR

-🇮🇹Amazon IT

-🇪🇸Amazon ES

- 🇦🇺Amazon AU

- 🇨🇦 Amazon CA

-🇯🇵Amazon JP

❤️PDF (printable) It includes 23 grayscale images available on my Etsy shop:

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