Sep 28, 2012

A Miraculous Fate, a novel

Cover Artwork by Alena Lazareva

Life can be a twisted road full of decisions based on 
projected outcomes, or maybe just decisions based on 
our love for others. Time has proven people will wait for 
love, long for it and die for it.
They will also lie, cheat and kill for love. 
Matthew once made a choice for love. Victoria now 
fights for the life of the one she loves. What will Destiny, 
the key to their puzzle, do when faced 
with the biggest decision of her life? 

* * * * * Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars! * * * * *

Monthly Excerpt:

“Why? Damn it, Victoria, why?”
He looked so broken she almost buckled right there, but he’d be dead if she didn’t fight for him.
Someone had to, and it always ended up being her. She took action. She got things done. “I’ve explained
myself over and over, and today I’m not arguing with you. I won’t talk to her. I just need to go up there
He opened his mouth but she stood abruptly. “Elle is here. I’ll call you later.” She walked to the door
and turned, realizing she should say I love you and goodbye, but he stared at her with shiny, narrowed
eyes. Almost like he hated her.
She yanked the door shut, shuddering. Goosebumps sprouted all the way up her arms. Oh she
wanted to pound the door and yell, “Fine, then lay there and die, you bastard!” Of course she didn’t. She
walked away, hurt that he was mad but she couldn’t change it.
She sped to the airport with the hard rock satellite station cranked up to drown out her inner critic and
Matthew’s look. That was still better than seeing him in a casket.
Her options had slipped away, just like Matthew’s health. The only thing she could think of now was
getting a DNA sample from Destiny to prove to Matthew, to Destiny, to everyone that Destiny caused this
and needed to fix it.
The bottom of her stomach burned. Hopefully that wasn’t what an ulcer felt like, but even that would be
a small fee for saving Matthew’s life.
Could she willingly take someone’s sickness, even a cold? Matthew already did that for someone. He
made all kinds of other sacrifices, too, like visiting those old people in the home. He wasn’t even related to
them for crying out loud, but there he was every Wednesday, visiting people who had no family. Once he
told her they often mistook him for their children or spouse or some other person, and he let them! He
defended that by saying, “It’s not about me, or them knowing me. It’s about them.”
She could never do the things he did. It irked the hell out of her to think Destiny might. Sweet, good
Destiny, the nurse. When she found herself wondering if Matthew and Destiny were alike, she suddenly
hated her with blazing white anger.

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