Mar 15, 2012

Framed Print Mermaid by Alenalazareva

Framed Print Mermaid print
Framed Print Mermaid by Alenalazareva
Start selling my artwork online at Zazzle.

Fantasy art by Alena Lazareva

* My artwork has been awarded for EXCELLENCE IN ARTISTIC DESIGN and is being featured on the front page of the Awesome Zazzlers Gallery.
* My product Canvas "Sad Fairy" has been featured on Zazzle Tops ZTTBA Award February 19, 2010 .
* My skateboards -Top 10 Skateboards October.


Zazzle offers five different print sizes from Portfolio to Colossal for all of your decorating and presentation purposes. Made with premium UV-resistant archival ink, Zazzle prints are available on seven different media, from basic poster paper to canvas.
    * Zazzle’s quality prints are sharp and highly saturated.
    * Printed with UV-resistant archival ink.
    * Choose from a variety of print media from basic poster to canvas.
    * Huge selection of frames and mats, custom-fit by hand to  print!

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