Apr 4, 2010

magazine Hugi # 36

My artworks in magazine Hugi # 36. 
Hugi is the leading free international electronical magazine (diskmag) in the PC Scene. 
Hugi #36 is called Jukebox Delight because it contains eight tunes, making it a diskmag and a musicdisk in one. The tunes were composed by Moby, Romeo Knight, Siatek, Traymuss, pOWL and Magnar.
Graphics were made by Alena Lazareva, Anthony Szasz, Dzordan, Fabian, Ra, Bridgeclaw and Rork.
This issue contains the full International Diskmag Encyclopedia (first and second parts), which is a collection of reviews of English-language diskmags released for the PC platform.
Other articles in this issue deal with Front 242, Turbulence, Mad Wizards, CPC in 2009, Scene.org Awards, how copyright affects the demoscene, Kakiarts, The Popular Demo song played on ukulele, Mindcandy 3,...
Download links:
You can download Hugi #36 from the following servers (roughly 70 MB packed):


  1. Смотрел HUGI. Красивые иллюстрации, молодец =)

  2. Видел в HUGI, красивые иллюстрации. Молодец)