Mar 12, 2010


This is the international artistic literary movement founded at Alfa Teatro, Torino, Italy in 2007, with the patronage of Aeronwy Thomas, Dylan Thomas's daughter. The Charter Members were: Aeronwy Thomas, poet and writer; Gianpiero Actis, painter; Silvana Gatti, painter; Sandrina Piras, poet and Lidia Chiarelli, coordinator and ideologist of the movement. The American poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti became a member of IMMAGINE and POESIA’s Honorary Committee in 2009.

The Manifesto has been translated into 11 languages. It consists of 10 points. The fourth point suggests moments of cross fertilization for artists and poets in order to support the thesis that a literary text may inspire the creation of a figurative art work and vice versa: the result is a new and complete form of art. 

    Since 2007 the Movement has organized poetry readings and exhibitions where images and words are linked. The most important are:
    • The Object, Alfa Teatro Hall, Torino, Italy, 2007
    • I Colori delle Parole: Gianpiero Actis responds to Aeronwy Thomas, Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea, Wales, UK, 2007
    • Streetlamp & Moon, Arte Città Amica, Torino, Italy, 2008
    • The Door, Torino Art Gallery, Torino, Italy, 2009

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